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Go for Takeoff

Go for Takeoff

December 21, 2017

The time has finally come.  After nearly 2 years of work we're finally launching today.  Albeit not in the capacity or at the time we envisioned, but we're entirely too anxious and excited to just get going already.

All of our riding gear is now available for pre-order.  We have a few casual items in stock and ready for purchase.  We're going to utilize this, incredibly, late launch as a limited dry run.  These are our early 2017 designs.  They will be ready for shipping in February and only available in limited quantities.  This will give us an opportunity to work out the kinks, connect with our community and early adopters.

I know what you're thinking... February isn't 2017.  How are these 2017 products?  Well technically speaking we did launch them in 2017, even if it was with 10 days to spare.  We may not be shipping them until 2018, but they're still not our 2018 collection.  We have a whole new collection to share with you all that will receive a proper Spring 2018 launch.  Stay tuned for more info on that.

We're super stoked to finally launch and to share our work with you all.  We're just mountain bikers ourselves who built this whole thing out of passion and love for the sport.  Take a minute and visit Our Story page to learn a little more about us. 

Lastly, huge thanks goes out to everyone that's helped and supported in this endeavor!